Advanced Student Microscope


This microscope is optimal for junior high to college-level students as well as for the hobbyists. It is comprised of a horseshoe type base, vertical monocular body inclinable through 90°, and a metal stage, 110 mm x 110 mm. Features: • Eyepiece 10X W. F. with rotating pointer • Objectives achromatic 4X, 10X and 40X R (spring-loaded) • Magnification 100X to 400X • Nosepiece triple • Focusing coarse and fine adjustment knob with slip clutch mechanism to prevent drifting of the focus • Condenser 0.65 N.A., built into stage • Diaphragm iris for controlling light • Stage clip locked in place, spring-loaded • Illuminator substage plano-concave mirror or light source (optional) • Packing styrofoam box with dust cover