SmartPack Trailer Load Monitoring Unit



See Your Loading Operations From a New Perspective

Imagine if you could see into every trailer on your loading docks at the same time, in real time. You would instantly know how to maximize cargo space to cut fuel consumption, minimize bottlenecks to speed up work, and improve performance to enhance job satisfaction and safety. Now, you can get that visionary visibility with Zebra’s SmartPack™ Trailer – a landmark load planning solution providing transportation and logistics customers with real-time operational visibility into their loading operations.

SmartPack Trailer transforms your loading operations by capturing data such as load density, trailer fullness, load quality, images of loads in progress and number of packages scanned and loaded per hour, giving organizations unprecedented insights to achieve peak levels of performance and profitability.

Load Planning Visibility

SmartPack Trailer combines the power of 3D sensors with RGB imaging technology and analytics to deliver unmatched visibility in real time. With this trifecta, you can simultaneously monitor your loading docks, capture live images on a centralized dashboard, and improve every aspect of your operations – from load efficiency and quality to workflows and safety.

  • Decrease Operational Costs

    SmartPack Trailer monitors key performance indicators that impact costs, giving you the ability to correct errors, improve cargo stacking and pack trailers more efficiently. Such load planning insight can lead to fewer trucks on the road, reducing fuel consumption, maintenance, and expenses.


    With SmartPack Trailer, managers monitor multiple dock doors from a single dashboard to see the status of the loading process of each trailer. Instead of “walking the dock,” they can now focus attention where it is needed most in real-time to significantly improve workflows and worker performance. The result? Greater loading speed and accuracy.

  • Improve Quality, Training and Safety

    SmartPack Trailer’s RGB images give you the ability to gauge lifting and loading techniques to quickly identify and correct potential problems. Add to that historical data, and you can close productivity gaps and adjust training to reduce the risk of high turnover, worker’s compensation, theft and damage to parcels.