Special Purpose Devices: Cloud Point and Pour Point- Labo CPP-105


CPP- 105

Pour Points express the lowest temperature which the sample keeps its liquidity while cooled under the certain standards
Pour Piont devices are used generally in labs which analyses oil products ( mineral oil – biodisel ) while testing samples whether they are appropriate to the standards or not.
Devices’ long term usage is provided and corrosion and oxidize are avoided because their all surfaces which touch liquid are stainless steel.
Device has standard accessories including 2 pieces of air jacket (ASTM D97), 2 pieces of glass test tube and 2 pieces of ASTM 5C thermometer.
Mineral Oil – Fuel Oil – Fuel Biodiesel – Auto Biodiesel – Ship Fuels – Diesel
 Manuel measurement can be done with ASTM glass thermometer optionally
 Device provides easy to use on table
 Designed to work silently in Lab ambience
ASTM D97 / ASTM D2500 / ASTM D5853 / DIN 51428 / DIN 51597 / IP 15 / IP 219 / IP 309 – TS 1233 ISO 3016 / ISO 3015

 Model Labo CPP-105
Working Temperature Range -40 / +100 °C
Stability ± 0,1 °C
Temperature Control Type digital
Bath Volume 8 liter
Dimensions 31 x 38 x 65 cm
Device,Bath Opening 4 pcs. sample
Clauses Weather Jacket 4 pcs. sample
Recirculation Pump stainless
Bath Material stainless
Power Requirement 220 Volt , 50 Hz