Special Purpose Devices: Cloud Point and Pour Point- Labo CPP-300



The main characteristic of Labo CPP-300 model is formed of 3 different cells which can be adjustable at 0ºC, -18 ºC and -40 ºC temprature with adjutable cooling system. Cells are working separately and provides fast measurement. All cells are fixed on one platform and can easily change its place by wheel mechanism.
Corrosions are avoided and provede long term usage because devices’ surfaces which touch liquid are stainless steel.
Device’s inculeds standard accessorices such as 12 pieces of (ASTM D97) air jacket, 12 pieces of glass test tube and 3 pieces of ASTM 5C thermometer.
Mineral oil – Fuel Oil – Fuel Biodiesel – Auto Biodiesel – Ship Fuels – Diesel

 Depending on demand Manuel measurement can be done with ASTM glass thermometer
 Can easily change places with its wheels
 Designed to work silently in lab environment

 Model Labo CPP-300
Working Temperature Range 0 °C / -18 °C / -40 °C
Stability ± 0,1 °C
Temperature Control Type digital
Bath Volume 18 liter
Dimensions 100 x 40 x 100 cm
Clauses Weather Jacket 12 pcs. sample
Recirculation Pump stainless
Bath Material stainless
Power Requirement 220 Volt , 50 Hz